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Downtown San Diego Waterfront :: Model Fashion Creative Portraits by Anna Bader

The day of this shoot was one of those days I felt nervous and unsure. I was overthinking and exhausted, but thankfully, I've learned to SHOW UP. I've learned to trust the process, lean into the unknown and uncomfortable and let it be. 

Boy, am I glad I did.

This turned into one of my favorite shoots to date. 

My model Ellie is gold! She is game for anything and has the most epic hair (obviously!) as well as a laugh and spirit to match! 

San Diego always holds a little bit of magic, this evening did not disappoint - from golden hour to blue hour and all!

Take a gander!


She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and no city.

- Roman Payne

Creative Headshots :: Theater/Photographer Creative Session :: Downtown Phoenix by Anna Bader


When creative friends come into town (who are also babes) and hire you to update their head shots you say yes and you have a blast.

If you're a thespian or other creative up in the midwest (Twin Cities-to be exact!) hit up Miss Molly for your headshots! 

Molly's favorite quote is,  "In the midst of winter,

I knew there was, within me,

an invincible summer."

Now, it's hard not to make an "endless summer" joke, since I live here in the desert (hoping for spring or fall for about 7 months of the year), we literally have an "invincible summer". I feel this is seasonally applicable to Minnesota! But, in all seriousness, if you follow my instagram, you know I am a quote fiend. 

And, I adore this quote because for all the harsh, cold, sullen and dark days of the heart; I too know there is within ME an invincible summer... The warmth, light, hope doesn't die and keep the soul from freezing over. 


Here's to your invincible summer, 

♥ - Anna

Schmitt Music Mural :: Minneapolis Portrait Session :: One Location Creative Portraits by Anna Bader

Minnesota-music-mural-portraits-prince-rainyday-seniors-creatives-anna rochelle imagery-3.jpg

I like Hollywood.

I just like Minneapolis a little bit better. 

- Prince

This summer I made my first trek to Minnesota! If you know me, you know I have an unexplainable accent of sorts. People often ask me if I'm from up north, the midwest, or another country all together. Once a grocery cashier was certain she heard me speaking another language and kept asking me what language I was speaking!

"What language is that?"

"What? um...English...?"

"No, what language were you just speaking?"


"No, really, you sounded like you said something in another language!"

"Sadly, I only speak English, I promise you it was English!"

So, anyway, no one in MN asked me where I was from! Somehow, I can slip into that Minnesotan accent wayyy to easily :) But, I promise this was my first time actually stepping foot in the state!

I used to work for an awesome nonprofit called, Feed My Starving Children, (headquartered in MN).  Through that experience I was able to travel to many states leading volunteers and making new friends along the way. Rachel was one of my co-workers back then and we've kept up a great friendship since. She wanted to do a session in front of this mural! This is just the backdrop of a parking, the backside of Schmitt Music store. (Incidentally, If you google it, you will find a picture of Prince in front of this same wall!). 

I used to stress a lot about location preparedness... I would anxiously scope out the locations, and try to pre-plan what poses to do where. This is helpful, but honestly, I've created the best magic working on-the-spot.

Sometimes you are gifted with a subject you are comfortable enough with to not have to "have it all together" and you just get to focus on having fun.

As a photographer, take a second, breathe and just look around. I promise, you can make a lot with a little.

So, on this day, we parked in the lot, blasted Beyonce out of the car speakers, and crossed our fingers that it wouldn't rain too hard. 

Work that diffused light!

Minnesota-music-mural-portraits-prince-rainyday-seniors-creatives-anna rochelle imagery-3.jpg

Josh West :: The Voice Season 12 :: Local Musician Portrait :: Creative Music Photography by Anna Bader


I LOVE capturing images for creatives in other artist fields. They're open to experimental images - and that's the name of my game ;-)

If you're a fan NBC's The Voice, you may know Josh West who was apart of Team Adam on Season 12. Arizona's own! Hailing from Glendale, Josh graduated high school at 15 and grew up playing music with his dad. He brought classic rock to The SoCal Voice stage. 

Josh and his Dad (who unofficially served as our wardrobe stylist/roadie ;-) were awesome sports out in the AZ summer heat. They're super easy to be around and were game to try anything! They bantered back and forth quoting their favorite movies - it created a great atmosphere! With the West's it truly is "a family afair"! 

Josh busted out his "Bieber" dance moves at the end of the evening. This slow shutter created a very happy, spooky accident. :)

Josh busted out his "Bieber" dance moves at the end of the evening. This slow shutter created a very happy, spooky accident. :)

Explore :: Arcosanti Arizona :: Arizona Portrait Photographer by Anna Bader

Maybe you've heard the quote that states, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.


For some, the untethered life comes easily. Wanderlust runs through their veins. For others, exploration feels risky & unsettling. But, in our own ways, we all search for beauty & a sense of belonging. We question our courage & test our bravery.  

I’ve travelled solo, moved across the country, been alone in a new city, and experienced excitement synonymous with loneliness. Honestly, if I could choose a superpower, I’d want to fly – to experience freedom from gravity and the ability to rise above!


Arcosanti Urban Laboratory. Beautiful and unique architecture in the Arizona desert.


Paolo Soleri knew how to make a thing of beauty.

Paolo Soleri knew how to make a thing of beauty.


I’m in love with the shapes, textures and reflections.


For all of us, there is a time to travel; explore; and discover and there’s a time to plant; build; and fortify… a time to stay. While we long for a home; we long for freedom. While we long for anonymity; we also long for connection.

What season are you in right now? Do you need more stability or do you feel the need to shake-things-up? I’ve taken risks that have not panned-out, and I’ve felt mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted afterward, but I have found inspiration and renewal in both familiar and new lands.


So, whether you’re sick on the couch this weekend or spending the last weeks of your summer traveling about, take a moment to stop and explore – where are you right now? What beauty or need is around you? Even more importantly, what beauty or need is INSIDE you right now?

First: pause, stop and reflect. Then: go, do and be!

Much Love,


P.S. Isn’t my mom just gorgeous??? 


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#themomentwhen by Anna Bader

I’m not sure if it was magnified in my own perception, or If it was entirely accurate, but I remember not-too-long-ago when this hashtag seemed to be EVERYWHERE!

Fill in the blank, #themomentwhen can be used at any time of day from sharing the most mundane realization to utterly embarrassing situations!

The concept of capturing + remembering + documenting a MOMENT is central to photography and ultimately to LIFE.

girl-jumping-phoenix-roosevelt-mural-anna-rochelle-creative portrait photographer.jpg

Life is a series of moments-some we want to remember and others we wish to forget. You may remember famous photographs that have captured moments in our history that we’re ashamed of, but even still they serve as a reminder (hopefully shielding us from future repetition).

For most of us, we want images to document the big moments in life – a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding. And, we daily create our own pictorial timeline of our outfits, food, friends, children or travels-each one a moment.

I think that’s why photography is so exciting… and why so many times, I’m thrilled by the “test shot” photo-when the subject wasn’t posed creating a moment, but they were just there living it!

That’s why sometimes I don’t want to trash the photos that aren’t the perfect “it” shot – because each moment is so unique and singular.

anna rochelle imagery phoenix creative portrait.jpg

On the flip side, that’s why there’s such happiness in getting “that” PERFECT shot of the perfect moment!

anna rochelle imagery phoenix creative portrait-2.jpg

But, sometimes, we need to just LIVE the moment. Some of the best days require fewer pictures, videos, or snapchat documentation.

#themomentwhen we choose to just LIVE IN THE MOMENT are sometimes the sweetest. I challenge you and myself to live in the moment today…with or without camera in-hand.

Much Love,


All images are the property of @AnnaRochelleImagery and may not be used without permission.