Creative Headshots :: Theater/Photographer Creative Session :: Downtown Phoenix by Anna Bader


When creative friends come into town (who are also babes) and hire you to update their head shots you say yes and you have a blast.

If you're a thespian or other creative up in the midwest (Twin Cities-to be exact!) hit up Miss Molly for your headshots! 

Molly's favorite quote is,  "In the midst of winter,

I knew there was, within me,

an invincible summer."

Now, it's hard not to make an "endless summer" joke, since I live here in the desert (hoping for spring or fall for about 7 months of the year), we literally have an "invincible summer". I feel this is seasonally applicable to Minnesota! But, in all seriousness, if you follow my instagram, you know I am a quote fiend. 

And, I adore this quote because for all the harsh, cold, sullen and dark days of the heart; I too know there is within ME an invincible summer... The warmth, light, hope doesn't die and keep the soul from freezing over. 


Here's to your invincible summer, 

♥ - Anna