Fashion Product Phoenix + Albuquerque Photography :: City Limit Nation Tees :: City Rooftop to Desert Scape by Anna Bader

I love partnering with businesses, both local and not-so-local, to create content and capture images selling their products! City Limit Nation is a new company selling shirts for U.S. cities, for folks who want to rep their hometown in comfort! These tees are soft and simple (and beyond the usual "Los Angeles" and "NYC" fashion statements that are easy to find). So, my dear local Phoenicians, here is something for you!

You can also purchaes Albuquerque, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, & Boston!

Thanks to my awesome models for braving the HEAT for this one!

Thanks for being a great client, Sara/City Limit Nation!


Seniors :: Class of 2019 :: Creative Senior Photography :: High School, ASU Tempe Grads and More by Anna Bader


When you look back on your life, it will be made up of a moments and blocks of time (a.k.a. "seasons"). One leading into the next. Moments that prepare us and shape us for what's next!

Photographs capture, celebrate, and commemorate. They serve as reminders and momentos for us and our families/friends.

So, maybe you're graduating from High School and getting tired of the "So, what are you going to do with your life?" questions. Or, maybe you know exactly what you're "going to do with your life" and you're excited to run down that next path!

Or you could be graduating from a career/technical school; a four-year degree; a masters program - whatever the case may be, I want to capture this moment in your life! 

No matter where you go from here, your graduation is a special-transitional moment to commemorate. Let's get out there and showcase - YOU!

So, check out some varied sessions below and then head on over to my Senior Contact Page and let's capture some memories!

male senior portrait-asu-tempe-anna-rochelle-imagery.jpg
They couldn’t have turned out better!
— D.D.
Thanks so much for the super cute pictures!
I showed my friends and they said ‘she is an amazing photographer’
— M.H.
My parents and I love them! You did so great. We appreciate you so much.
— R.L.

- Anna 

Downtown San Diego Waterfront :: Model Fashion Creative Portraits by Anna Bader

The day of this shoot was one of those days I felt nervous and unsure. I was overthinking and exhausted, but thankfully, I've learned to SHOW UP. I've learned to trust the process, lean into the unknown and uncomfortable and let it be. 

Boy, am I glad I did.

This turned into one of my favorite shoots to date. 

My model Ellie is gold! She is game for anything and has the most epic hair (obviously!) as well as a laugh and spirit to match! 

San Diego always holds a little bit of magic, this evening did not disappoint - from golden hour to blue hour and all!

Take a gander!


She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and no city.

- Roman Payne

Iceland :: Summer Travel Photography :: Ring road images by Anna Bader

The mountains do call; and you should go. 

You should definitely defy TLC; go chase all the waterfalls. 


**Insert John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, or even Ron Swanson quote here**

When I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in 2013, it sparked my interest in Iceland. I had never before considered that as a travel destination, but good Lord, the moody vibes and epic vistas piqued my interest. So, this trip was epic and a little surreal. At times, I had to remind myself where I was, because I wasn't so far outside a western comfort zone. Yet, I was halfway around the world, eating the freshest food (even tho it cost an arm and a leg); drinking the purest water (even tho, at times, it smells like rotten eggs); and freezing half the time (even tho I'd walk right back into that cold to escape the AZ heat!)

But, how can I even begin to sum up roadtripping Iceland's ring road?... let's get to the pictures!


Sheep, horses, dogs oh my!

Red roofs on farm houses; red roofs on lighthouses.

One of the most special moments for me. 

Finding this beach beyond the rolling hills behind the historic church.


blues & greens; rain & snow; fog & mist; 24hr sun/24hr clouds - saw it all. 

Another favorite - icebergs behind you, sunny beach in front of you. Wow.

And... there's so many more. I hope too see you again, Iceland. 

Images are the property of Anna Rochelle ©AnnaRochelleImagery and may not be used in any format or for any purposes unless requested and received written permission in advance.

Creative Headshots :: Theater/Photographer Creative Session :: Downtown Phoenix by Anna Bader


When creative friends come into town (who are also babes) and hire you to update their head shots you say yes and you have a blast.

If you're a thespian or other creative up in the midwest (Twin Cities-to be exact!) hit up Miss Molly for your headshots! 

Molly's favorite quote is,  "In the midst of winter,

I knew there was, within me,

an invincible summer."

Now, it's hard not to make an "endless summer" joke, since I live here in the desert (hoping for spring or fall for about 7 months of the year), we literally have an "invincible summer". I feel this is seasonally applicable to Minnesota! But, in all seriousness, if you follow my instagram, you know I am a quote fiend. 

And, I adore this quote because for all the harsh, cold, sullen and dark days of the heart; I too know there is within ME an invincible summer... The warmth, light, hope doesn't die and keep the soul from freezing over. 


Here's to your invincible summer, 

♥ - Anna

Walk in Love Collaboration II :: Fashion Shoot Phoenix Arizona :: Creative Phoenix Photographer by Anna Bader

Another awesome shoot for Walk In Love, a PA based apparel company-this time at Papago Park! I had been imagining a golden hour, but it was quite overcast. So, I broke out my fairy lights and went to town. Thanks to our local model Madie Karren for looking flawless! 

papago park-phoenix fashion-model-photographer-t.jpg

If you're a professional photographer-this note is for you! I want to take this opportunity to talk about presets... it seems that all photographers use them now, and I admit they are extremely beneficial to editing large quantities of images and for visual continuity. Maybe my perspective comes from my formal art education! But, here it is! If you consider yourself a creative or know anything about using the Adobe Suite... you can (dare I say 'should'?) do more than buy a preset and slap it on your images! As a professional creative, I want us to do more than essentially put instagram filters on photographs. You CAN make presets your OWN and treat every image individually on top of applying a preset! I personally don't use any presets other than ones I have created myself! If you didn't know, just know that It is easy to create and save your very own unique/personalized preset in LR. Take "building your personal brand and style" to the next level!

Tempe Phoenix Models :: Walk In Love Brand :: Downtown Tempe :: Papago Park by Anna Bader

I had a blast recently shooting two looks for PA based brand Walk In Love (check out their blog feature of my first shoot for them here.) I was able to shoot summery vibes here in the southwest (before summer actually hits and I feel like fainting 15 min into a shoot!) while they've got snow back in PA!

I absolutely adore working with local model Jay Moise, who featured the Grace Upon Grace tee. And, the second shoot gave me the opportunity to connect with Natalie, who had contacted me a while back via Instagram about modeling opportunities. 

Creating fashion-branding-lifestyle-product images for up and coming companies makes me quite happy! If your company is looking for content like this, give me a holler!