Walk in Love Collaboration II :: Fashion Shoot Phoenix Arizona :: Creative Phoenix Photographer by Anna Bader

Another awesome shoot for Walk In Love, a PA based apparel company-this time at Papago Park! I had been imagining a golden hour, but it was quite overcast. So, I broke out my fairy lights and went to town. Thanks to our local model Madie Karren for looking flawless! 

papago park-phoenix fashion-model-photographer-t.jpg

If you're a professional photographer-this note is for you! I want to take this opportunity to talk about presets... it seems that all photographers use them now, and I admit they are extremely beneficial to editing large quantities of images and for visual continuity. Maybe my perspective comes from my formal art education! But, here it is! If you consider yourself a creative or know anything about using the Adobe Suite... you can (dare I say 'should'?) do more than buy a preset and slap it on your images! As a professional creative, I want us to do more than essentially put instagram filters on photographs. You CAN make presets your OWN and treat every image individually on top of applying a preset! I personally don't use any presets other than ones I have created myself! If you didn't know, just know that It is easy to create and save your very own unique/personalized preset in LR. Take "building your personal brand and style" to the next level!

Papago Park Portraits :: Bethany :: Phoenix Tempe Creative, Fun, Golden Hour Photograph by Anna Bader

I was privileged to have Bethany for her first professional portrait session! We captured her out in our Arizona unique landscape before she moved back southeast to the ATL. 

Whether it's your first portrait session or your tenth, all of us can feel self conscious or on-the-spot when we're in front of a camera! Unless you're a model, or 110% committed to a selfie-strong instagram feed, it can also be awkward posing for the camera in public spaces while strangers mosey around you. Who can relate? Yes, me!

When I first started shooting portraits, I remember sensing the awkwardness of my subjects, and struggling to keep talking to make them feel more comfortable while I worried about changing my camera settings etc. Later, I learned-I don't need to rush just because my subject is feeling out-of-place. Instead, I embrace the awkwardness that myself and my subjects can feel! I accept and call it out!

I've learned - everything will work out! I can slow down, take a breath, and let myself think. I can just be me, do my job to take great photographs and reassure my client when needed. A little empathy and reliability goes a long way. More often than not, clients will settle into the process and end up saying they had FUN by the end. It ends up being a  win-win!

Isn't this gal stunning?!

Isn't this gal stunning?!

Anyway, I enjoyed this shoot immensely! We listened to a little Bieber Christmas; tripped over rocks, (no one was seriously injured in the making of these images - thankfully ;-); talked about life; and took some awesome photographs. 

Thanks for choosing me, Bethany. You are stunning! xo - Anna

Explore :: Arcosanti Arizona :: Arizona Portrait Photographer by Anna Bader

Maybe you've heard the quote that states, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.


For some, the untethered life comes easily. Wanderlust runs through their veins. For others, exploration feels risky & unsettling. But, in our own ways, we all search for beauty & a sense of belonging. We question our courage & test our bravery.  

I’ve travelled solo, moved across the country, been alone in a new city, and experienced excitement synonymous with loneliness. Honestly, if I could choose a superpower, I’d want to fly – to experience freedom from gravity and the ability to rise above!


Arcosanti Urban Laboratory. Beautiful and unique architecture in the Arizona desert.


Paolo Soleri knew how to make a thing of beauty.

Paolo Soleri knew how to make a thing of beauty.


I’m in love with the shapes, textures and reflections.


For all of us, there is a time to travel; explore; and discover and there’s a time to plant; build; and fortify… a time to stay. While we long for a home; we long for freedom. While we long for anonymity; we also long for connection.

What season are you in right now? Do you need more stability or do you feel the need to shake-things-up? I’ve taken risks that have not panned-out, and I’ve felt mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted afterward, but I have found inspiration and renewal in both familiar and new lands.


So, whether you’re sick on the couch this weekend or spending the last weeks of your summer traveling about, take a moment to stop and explore – where are you right now? What beauty or need is around you? Even more importantly, what beauty or need is INSIDE you right now?

First: pause, stop and reflect. Then: go, do and be!

Much Love,


P.S. Isn’t my mom just gorgeous??? 


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