Walk in Love Collaboration II :: Fashion Shoot Phoenix Arizona :: Creative Phoenix Photographer by Anna Bader

Another awesome shoot for Walk In Love, a PA based apparel company-this time at Papago Park! I had been imagining a golden hour, but it was quite overcast. So, I broke out my fairy lights and went to town. Thanks to our local model Madie Karren for looking flawless! 

papago park-phoenix fashion-model-photographer-t.jpg

If you're a professional photographer-this note is for you! I want to take this opportunity to talk about presets... it seems that all photographers use them now, and I admit they are extremely beneficial to editing large quantities of images and for visual continuity. Maybe my perspective comes from my formal art education! But, here it is! If you consider yourself a creative or know anything about using the Adobe Suite... you can (dare I say 'should'?) do more than buy a preset and slap it on your images! As a professional creative, I want us to do more than essentially put instagram filters on photographs. You CAN make presets your OWN and treat every image individually on top of applying a preset! I personally don't use any presets other than ones I have created myself! If you didn't know, just know that It is easy to create and save your very own unique/personalized preset in LR. Take "building your personal brand and style" to the next level!

Heartstrings Band :: NAMM Show :: In Studio :: Documentary Trip by Anna Bader




1. possession of the means or skill to do something.

2. talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area.

All of us, from time to time, encounter challenges-some more than others. Some are born with challenges others will never face, and they'll never know what it's like to see, hear, walk or think like the majority of the world. Hinderances. Disabilities. Struggle. These can define one's existence. 

This sort of reality has been real to me because I witnessed it on a daily basis since my sister was born prematurely in 1995.  

So, hinderances; disabilities; struggle. Every little thing becomes a big victory. It seems like there's always gonna be an uphill battle (*cue The Climb by Miley Cyrus :) )

In situations like these, it's easy to focus on everything that still needs improvement instead of what strengths are already present. But there is a group of people dedicated to focusing on abilities rather than disabilities. The fact that they don't see, hear, or think like the majority is a strength. I was privileged to document a week in their journey of doing what they LOVE; what they are PASSIONATE about; what they are TALENTED and more than ABLE to create. 

So, if you haven't heard of Heartstrings, (fingers crossed you'll hear them one day on the radio, and see the documentary that is being made about them), here they are performing at NAMM in Anaheim CA and recording in the studio with Sean Beavan. 

namm anna rochellei imagery band heartstrings documentary.jpg
dom heartstrings keyboard in concert namm 2018.jpg
behindthescenes band namm heartstrings documentary anna rochelle imagery.jpg

Witnessing the fulfillment and joy that emanated out of these individuals as they created music was incredible... I am not sure if I can adequately put the feeling into words. 

sean-christii-producer-musican-in studio-1.jpg
studio-sean-beavan-heartstrings-studio-music - band photography - anna rochelle imagery-4.jpg

"If you have a talent-a voice, an eye, an ear- use it. Let the light, the experience, the depth, the emotion - let it out. Someone in the world needs your abilities... "

No matter what odds are stacked against you, if you have a talent-a voice, an eye, an ear- use it. Let the light, the experience, the depth, the emotion - let it out. Someone in the world needs your abilities - and you actually need them for your own well-being. If there's a passion you've been neglecting or given up on, I encourage you to make time for it. Let it out. 

heartstrings band santa monica pier.jpg

We all bring something valuable to this life

What is your ability?

You are able. 

♥ - Anna 

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