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Papago Park Portraits :: Bethany :: Phoenix Tempe Creative, Fun, Golden Hour Photograph by Anna Bader

I was privileged to have Bethany for her first professional portrait session! We captured her out in our Arizona unique landscape before she moved back southeast to the ATL. 

Whether it's your first portrait session or your tenth, all of us can feel self conscious or on-the-spot when we're in front of a camera! Unless you're a model, or 110% committed to a selfie-strong instagram feed, it can also be awkward posing for the camera in public spaces while strangers mosey around you. Who can relate? Yes, me!

When I first started shooting portraits, I remember sensing the awkwardness of my subjects, and struggling to keep talking to make them feel more comfortable while I worried about changing my camera settings etc. Later, I learned-I don't need to rush just because my subject is feeling out-of-place. Instead, I embrace the awkwardness that myself and my subjects can feel! I accept and call it out!

I've learned - everything will work out! I can slow down, take a breath, and let myself think. I can just be me, do my job to take great photographs and reassure my client when needed. A little empathy and reliability goes a long way. More often than not, clients will settle into the process and end up saying they had FUN by the end. It ends up being a  win-win!

Isn't this gal stunning?!

Isn't this gal stunning?!

Anyway, I enjoyed this shoot immensely! We listened to a little Bieber Christmas; tripped over rocks, (no one was seriously injured in the making of these images - thankfully ;-); talked about life; and took some awesome photographs. 

Thanks for choosing me, Bethany. You are stunning! xo - Anna

Josh West :: The Voice Season 12 :: Local Musician Portrait :: Creative Music Photography by Anna Bader


I LOVE capturing images for creatives in other artist fields. They're open to experimental images - and that's the name of my game ;-)

If you're a fan NBC's The Voice, you may know Josh West who was apart of Team Adam on Season 12. Arizona's own! Hailing from Glendale, Josh graduated high school at 15 and grew up playing music with his dad. He brought classic rock to The SoCal Voice stage. 

Josh and his Dad (who unofficially served as our wardrobe stylist/roadie ;-) were awesome sports out in the AZ summer heat. They're super easy to be around and were game to try anything! They bantered back and forth quoting their favorite movies - it created a great atmosphere! With the West's it truly is "a family afair"! 

Josh busted out his "Bieber" dance moves at the end of the evening. This slow shutter created a very happy, spooky accident. :)

Josh busted out his "Bieber" dance moves at the end of the evening. This slow shutter created a very happy, spooky accident. :)

#themomentwhen by Anna Bader

I’m not sure if it was magnified in my own perception, or If it was entirely accurate, but I remember not-too-long-ago when this hashtag seemed to be EVERYWHERE!

Fill in the blank, #themomentwhen can be used at any time of day from sharing the most mundane realization to utterly embarrassing situations!

The concept of capturing + remembering + documenting a MOMENT is central to photography and ultimately to LIFE.

girl-jumping-phoenix-roosevelt-mural-anna-rochelle-creative portrait photographer.jpg

Life is a series of moments-some we want to remember and others we wish to forget. You may remember famous photographs that have captured moments in our history that we’re ashamed of, but even still they serve as a reminder (hopefully shielding us from future repetition).

For most of us, we want images to document the big moments in life – a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding. And, we daily create our own pictorial timeline of our outfits, food, friends, children or travels-each one a moment.

I think that’s why photography is so exciting… and why so many times, I’m thrilled by the “test shot” photo-when the subject wasn’t posed creating a moment, but they were just there living it!

That’s why sometimes I don’t want to trash the photos that aren’t the perfect “it” shot – because each moment is so unique and singular.

anna rochelle imagery phoenix creative portrait.jpg

On the flip side, that’s why there’s such happiness in getting “that” PERFECT shot of the perfect moment!

anna rochelle imagery phoenix creative portrait-2.jpg

But, sometimes, we need to just LIVE the moment. Some of the best days require fewer pictures, videos, or snapchat documentation.

#themomentwhen we choose to just LIVE IN THE MOMENT are sometimes the sweetest. I challenge you and myself to live in the moment today…with or without camera in-hand.

Much Love,


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