Phoenix Fashion Shoot at Royal Palms Resort and Spa / by Anna Bader

Hi All! 

I just had a fantastic time shooting with Nicole Denton, a local fashion/lifestyle blogger! She works full-time in marketing AND sports these stylish looks for her thousands of followers across the globe.

royal palms-phoenix-camelback-fashion-photography-blogger-nicole-denton.jpg

Nicole was lucky enough to get into the blogging game early on when she started a wedding blog which turned out to be a huge success. She ended up selling that blog (which still exists today) and going on to start up her current blog Work|Wear|Wander.

I am consistently inspired by these ladies who work full-time, care for their personal lives/relationships AND make time for what they love-influencing social media.

Even though I grew up in Arizona, when I started in photography, I was in Dallas Texas. I shot in town squares, botanical gardens, and old train depots. When I moved back to Arizona, seeing our desert mountains was like seeing a whole new world!

royal palms-phoenix-camelback-fashion-photography-blogger-nicole-denton-5.jpg

Pursing photography in Phoenix has made me a tourist in my own town again. I love having a purpose to explore new places. The Royal Palms Resort near Camelback Mountain was so accommodating and a wonderful place to shoot. There is plentiful greenery and feels like a desert oasis!

Thanks to Nicole for being such a gem to work with. I had a blast!


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