Get out and do it. / by Anna Bader


Even though I have not been a “photo blogger” for long, for years I have blogged. And, even before that, I loved writing – writing is like therapy for me. I can take frustration, confusion, happiness,  or good memories and sort them out on paper.

So, when I consider blogging, I find it hard to think, “Oh, just a marketing tool”. Instead, if in order to value and enjoy blogging, I view it as I view writing. Which means sharing myself and encouraging others…giving a voice to something that matters.

Several months ago, as I looked back over my journals, I realized a trend. Three little words penned over-and-over, “I don’t know”.  I realized I was saying “I don’t know” in real life and in my private writing SO MUCH!

Well, I DID KNOW that I didn’t like that! I realized I had created a pattern of hindered myself by focusing on all the things I DIDN’T KNOW. I would feel overwhelmed, bogged-down, and defeated under the mountain of “I don’t know!” .

I realized I felt empowered when I chose to focus on what I DO know. I had to start there. I had to believe, “I have the tools I need to begin – to go out and begin TODAY”. And, “I will learn everyday. Piece-by-piece what I DO know will grow.” This realization helped me come back to pursuing photography. It has helped me embrace awkward moments, making mistakes, and admitting when something is new or foreign to me.

The photographs you see here are proof that I have stepped out, I have met other creatives – and let me tell you – we are all trying to find our way! Like my friend, Shea, who is also a photographer,  I often feel like she’s got this business thing down way better than I do. Little do I realize, that we’re both inspiring each other in different ways – this is the beauty of connection!

Also, you'll also see Madelyn and Austin below! Madelyn and Austin are siblings-both aspiring models! Someone had pitched a patriotic themed shoot for their business to me. My wheels immediately started turning-how would I style this shoot? I was so ready to do it! That shoot didn’t end up happening. But, what did I do? I decided, “I know I want to/I can do this”. So I got up and I made it happen with these two!

blog-south moutain-pair portraits-anna rochelle imagery-4.jpg

If you are reading this, as a young person who has found something you love, I encourage you – STICK WITH IT. Nothing will ever beat the personal satisfaction you’ll feel when you are doing what you love.

It might take a lot more work than you originally anticipated, but if you love it, go for it. Try and try again. Every time you feel weak, embarrassed, or less-than let that be motivation to learn and keep moving forward. Sometimes that movement is just learning and getting better and you honestly don’t see the progress until you check your rearview mirror a few more miles down the road.

We live in a culture saturated with inspirational quotes, but I still love them!  So, if your cause is just, and your motives pure, take these words of wisdom with you as you continue your journey: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (Who knew a thing-or-two about persistence, patience and the uphill battle).

Much Love,


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