Creative Senior Photos

Seniors :: Class of 2019 :: Creative Senior Photography :: High School, ASU Tempe Grads and More by Anna Bader


When you look back on your life, it will be made up of a moments and blocks of time (a.k.a. "seasons"). One leading into the next. Moments that prepare us and shape us for what's next!

Photographs capture, celebrate, and commemorate. They serve as reminders and momentos for us and our families/friends.

So, maybe you're graduating from High School and getting tired of the "So, what are you going to do with your life?" questions. Or, maybe you know exactly what you're "going to do with your life" and you're excited to run down that next path!

Or you could be graduating from a career/technical school; a four-year degree; a masters program - whatever the case may be, I want to capture this moment in your life! 

No matter where you go from here, your graduation is a special-transitional moment to commemorate. Let's get out there and showcase - YOU!

So, check out some varied sessions below and then head on over to my Senior Contact Page and let's capture some memories!

male senior portrait-asu-tempe-anna-rochelle-imagery.jpg
They couldn’t have turned out better!
— D.D.
Thanks so much for the super cute pictures!
I showed my friends and they said ‘she is an amazing photographer’
— M.H.
My parents and I love them! You did so great. We appreciate you so much.
— R.L.

- Anna